PASSIVE Components

Cat5, E-cat5, Cat-6, Cat-6A Cables from Krone, AMP, AamberNet, D-Link and Avaya.
Single Mode and Multimode Fiber Cables from Aksh, Krone, AamberNet and Finolex

Networking Rack

We offer HCL 19 racks with accessories for computer networking applications. This is an International standard confirming to DIN41494 and IEC297 specifications. Rack Sizes available from 6U to 42U.

Active Components
Networking Switches
Layer 2, Layer3 Manageable & Unmanageable Switches from
HP PROCURVE 1410 SERIES & 2510 SERIES, E3500 & E3600 SERIES (Manageable)
Zyxel ES-2024 SERIES & ES-2048 SERIES, Zyxel 2000& 3000 SERIES (Manageable)
Also available from CISCO, NET GEAR & D-LINK

Leased Line, VoIP and Gateway Routers from CISCO and PATTON. Cisco 1800 SERIES & 1900 SERIES

PATTON Smart node 2600 series, 2800series, etc.
VoIP - Micro-Analog Telephone Adapter & Fax Adapter

We offer all wireless products from Motorola.

Wireless LAN and Mesh
AP5131 802.11a/b/g, supports Dual Radio 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz with PoE Enabled.
The AP-7131 is the industry’s first 802.11a/b/g/n Adaptive Services Access Point that delivers the performance, coverage, reliability and security required to enable the truly wireless enterprise. The tri-radio expandable design provides simultaneous support for three major networking functions: Data, Voice and Video Services.

Centralized WLAN Controller Switch RFS 4000 and 6000, this controls and configure all the APs.

AirDefence Product
1250 Appliance for Air Defence Solution - High End Security and Diagnostic Solution

Point To Point and Multipoint Products
Point to Point Products- PTP 100, PTP 300, PTP 400, and PTP 500 delivers from 4Mbps to 300Mbps throughput.
Point to multi Point- Canopy PMP 100 and Canopy PMP 430
Cluster Management CMM4 w/ Ruggedized Switch and GPS Module capable of supporting dual power supply input redundancy

Firewall and VPN Routers from SONIC WALL and Arlotto
Sonic Wall TZ100 - The Sonic Wall TZ Series offers revolutionary breakthroughs in higher-performance network protection for distributed companies and small to mid-size businesses (SMBs).

Sonic Wall NSA 240 and NSA 2400
NSA 240 Ideal for the offices 40-60 users and NSA 2400 for more than 60users.
NSA 240 and 2400 supports full range of security and VPN services
Also UTM products available from Fortigate & CISCO depending upon customer requirements.

IP & Analog based CCTV Solutions from Axis, SONY and Secura.

HP and AMI NAS & SAN Storage solutions and also available from NETGEAR

NAS and SAN Storage:


AMI StorTrends IP SAN and NAS Storage  StorTrends Storage up to 64 TB

1U Storage, 4 Hot Swappable 1, 2, 3, 4, or 8TB Raw Capacity

2U, 12 Bay Intermediate IP SAN Appliance, Storage up to 24TB

2U, 12bay Intermediate NAS Appliance Storage up to 12TB


3U IP SAN/NAS, SAS/SATA Appliance, Storage up to 16TB, Expansion support with SAS /SATA JBODs up to 64TB.


Storage Blades

370x180-msa2000sa P2000 & MSA G3 Storage Arrays
370x180-msa2000sa D2000 & MSA Enclosures/JBODs
G5986001122006 X-Series NAS
HP SAN Infrastructure

We offer LINUX BASED MAIL SERVER & WINDOWS BASED MAIL SERVER depending upon the customer requirements
Windows Exchange mail server 2003, 2007, 2010
Linux based Mail server
Netcore's Emergic MailServer available from 10user to Unlimited users. This can be configured either as fetch or Live Server and can support POP, SMTP, WEBMAIL and IMAP.
Product features

  • Mail Gateway
  • Instant Messaging Server
  • Proxy Server
  • Global Address Book
  • Anti-Virus
  • Firewall

Product features are licensed depending upon the customer requirements


Windows based Thin Client from HP & SPECTRA
HP GT 7720 Windows XP Embedded 
Spectra -LE-7 Windows XP Embedded 
Spectra UT -1 Thin client

Linux based Thin Client from
HP VC 4725 Linux Embedded
Spectra LE-7 Linux Embedded

Video Conferencing

POLYCOM HDX 6000 and HDX7000 Series with Multipoint software
LIFESIZE: Lifesize Team200 series
Also available from SONY