Indoor/Outdoor wi-fi or Point To Point or PTMP, we offer state of the Art Technology with cost effective solutions based on the customer requirements. The best part of Netlinx Is that you have answer for all your Networking problems. "We do concern on your all queries or issues related to Networking though its not part of our solutions"
UTM Firewall is to protect your network fully from hackers, Virus, worms, Intruders etc…
Computer data storage provides one of the core functions of the modern computer, that of information retention.
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High  Performance Wireless LAN  802 .11n  throughput 300 +  Mbps
The Next Generation of Wireless LAN Emerges 802.11n standard and its speed is estimated by IEEE Standard is 300+Mbps and More.

High Throughput "Point to Point RF Link"
We Offer High Throughput from 10-300Mbps in Point to Point RF Connectivity, which makes our customers very happy in terms of Technically and Commercially. It cannot be compared with other solutions ...
On behalf of Inlogic team, it is my pleasure to inform you that we are happy with the supplies of HP Desktops and servers you have supplied so far. You technical team is very helpful during installation of servers within short time to enable us to achieve our business targets.
-Srinivasan. K( Manager Systems)

Nonstop 100 MBPS P2P RF Link for more than One year ….
Motorola Canopy 100mbps Radio connectivity installed at harsh environment at Mines has been working continuously without any problem for the past one year and continues………